Reinventing TFEX

Reinventing TFEX

Now for a spot of wishful thinking. Here are a few ideas we would love to see implemented for the TFEX to take it from its current state (lackluster and none too broad in the product range department) to where it would be more interesting for both traders and corporate entities (for hedging)

  1. Offer an electronic trade only session from 4.55pm until midnight. ( And why not start at 7 or 8am just for good measure)
  2. Offer Gold, Silver, Copper, Steel and platinum based on Comex and LME contracts.
  3. Offer oil, natural gas and coal futures. (Based on NYMEX)
  4. Offer FX futures, including the Thai Baht.
  5. Single stock futures for all SET 50 stocks.
  6. Dual listing or even an amalgamation of the hugely sad failure of the Agricultural Futures exchange on to a single platform with TFEX
  7. Online account funding for overseas investors.
  8. And why not add some spot FX (for the majors and Asian crosses) on a reasonable and none too OTT margin of say 10x.
  9. Last but not least, Asian, European and US Index futures (In THB) for the Hang Seng, Kospi, Nikkei, STI, DAX, FTSE, S&P 500, Nasadq and Dow.

We suspect there is as much chance of this happening as…. Pigs flying


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