CPF : Sunday’s target hit, next tgt 24.30-24.50

On Sunday we said of CPF… “A breakout above 22.40 places 22.90-23.00 as the first target, so consider a punt even from 21.7 for a few percent this week. The stock hit 23.80 today, but don’t go chasing it now if not already long from the breakout.

If volume remains firm, there is a chance it will spike to as high as 24.30-24.50 during the week ,but before it does it may need to consolidate around 23.40, which is a slightly better price to consider for those looking to buy.


2 Responses to CPF : Sunday’s target hit, next tgt 24.30-24.50

  1. Billyredbull says:

    How long does a CPF last for? or do you have to renew it?

    • hoonthai says:

      For today (Tuesday) CPF has decent support at 23.50-23.60 and key resistance at 24.00. If already long from a week or so ago, continue to hold. If you’re looking to buy, nearer 23.50 would be a reasonable price. There is a good chance the stock will hit 24.50 or so quite quickly, so also consider the possibility of a surge in volume and a breakout above 24.00 as a follow-buy opportunity….or alternative.

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