Derivative Warrants can seriously damage your health

As far as we are concerned the new fangled Deriviate Warrants issued on the Thai market are a cancerous type of security. A trusted source who knows far more about the issue than ourselves put some figures together to highlight the point :


ADVANC13CA  from a high at 4 baht  to end down on expiry  at 1.40 baht

PTTCH13CA   from 6 to 2.74

KBANK13CB  from 6 to 2.58

PTTEP13CB from 5 to 1.51

SCC13CA  from 9 to 2.12

TTA13CA from 3.50 to 0.01


Pure manipulation and a total scam in our book.

Retail investors should stay clear of these toxic assets, otherwise we suspect an untimely end to ones financial wellbeing will follow.



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