Thai Stocks Q&A. You Ask. Hoonthai Answers.

Email with any question on Thai stocks, forex, gold, oil, pretty much any traded commodity, global Index or ETF. We have 7300 instruments in our database.

And we even have a twitter page :!/hoonthai   We are still a bit confused with all this social worknetting. Untill there is a USB 2 enabled device to dispense alchohol over the internet to ones friends, we will remain unconvinced. Where we come from having a wee dram is a social must.

The last time someone tried a social experiment without any alcohol – Prohibition, the end result was the establishment of the FBI. What will Facebook etc result in? Oh, and there’s the dry Arab states. Goes to show, where it flows, the proles stay in the bars rather than burn their cities. For now anyway.




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