SET Index : Hitting 1050 as forecast yesterday

We gave you 1050 as Wednesday’s target, and the close was right on the mark. The 1058-1062 target for the week is within sight, and as noted very often of late, from 1060 or so we see little to stop a rally to 1100 or so.

The best money is made by using a swing trade strategy as we have tried hard to give example of in this bog over the past 2 months. The vast majority of our calls have worked out to plan, as a quick search will show new readers. We advise traders of Thai stocks not to sell out too quickly this time, but rather treat the coming 8 weeks or so as a solid opportunity to make money from the market, from where we will reevaluate matters and start looking at shorting the SET 50 futures – probably just before the Fed’s QE 2 binge ends in June.



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