ITD : 10% profit on the trade so far, and more to come.

ON March 30th we said of ITD “with an election coming up and fewer and fewer laggards for the clever money to ramp up, ITD had a massive day Wednesday and should hit 4.10-4.15 very soon indeed. Treat any weakness Thursday or Friday back to 3.88-3.90 or so as a time to buy, with 4.12-4.14 the first target, then 4.20 and 4.34 Given a period of 4-6 weeks or so ITD has a decent chance to rally to at least 4.7-4.8 if not 5 or a tad above.

The stock closed at 4.28 after a recent high at 4.38, and for those who bought when we did, the trade is looking good as we see the 4.7-4.8 target as valid, with 5 entirly possible.

For the VST look to buy nearer 410-4.12.



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