Tell us which stocks you want analyzed over Songkran.

Email hoonthai (hoonthai at yahoo dot com) or reply on this blog, as we want your own suggestions as to what stocks to cover over the Thai holidays.

We will cover any stocks, sector or futures contract, but don’t ask us to comment on the cancerous derivative warrants, because we’re of the view such instruments should not be traded under any circumstances.


5 Responses to Tell us which stocks you want analyzed over Songkran.

  1. WIT says:

    Many thanks for your kindness to analysis – technic of stocks, now I would like to ask you about “SET”that it’s possible to ahead over 1.100 or it will be pull back -down to 980-1,000 in Q’2,- and 1,200in Q’4=pos! ? othes one :would you please give a mid-term6mths of stocks -buy for now to get 20%up of thai-stocks by technical analysis.And the last:What 3 stocks that you recommend -buy-b4 Songkran’ and rich of 10%up after the holidays.
    sincerely yours,

  2. WIT says:

    many thanks.
    sincerely yours,

  3. Paisan says:


    What is your comment on:

    1) PTL
    2) SVI
    3) HEMRAJ
    4) TSF
    5) NWR
    6) TFI
    7) IVL

    What is your view on timing of each’s, I would like to rotate how to play these stocks.

    Thank you very much,

  4. nanny says:

    i’m interesting AKR, THCOM, SYMC, ZMICO, SVOA, NEP, ML, TRT, TYM, CK, TSTH, SSI, N-PARK. There are a lot of great points and tips in hoonthai wordpress. Thank you for sharing your advice with everyone.

  5. Kui says:

    i would be great if you cover “EMC” for me.
    thank you in advance.

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