SENA : Swing trade candidate

SENA is looking good for a punt, and we expect it will hit 2.40-2.44 quite soon. Currently at 2.16, there is some resistance at 2.22 and again at 2.30, but all it needs is a few hours of heavy buying and 2.4 or so could easily be reached. It will happen very soon, of that we are quite sure.

If lucky buy nearer 2.12, but it may just spike and gap at open Friday.

We thank our readers for bringing this stock to our attention, as we have never covered before. Any others? Fire them across and we’ll take a look.

The market is being kind at the moment, but it will not last for long. Trade hard, with full exposure for the near term, and keep swing trades separate from the short term trades you should be looking at each day.




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