Why Hoonthai thinks TradeVizion 5 is the best choice for Thai stock traders

This is not an advert. This is a brief outline to give fellow investors a tip or two on a very unused and misunderstood tool for picking short term trades on the Thai Stock market.

TradeVizion 5 has a function called ” Multiple Time Frame Rankings.”  This allows one to filter up to 200 stocks over several time frames by volume, value % gain, %loss and % swing. Not just on a daily basis, but by specified time periods : 1,5,15,30,60 minutes, and of course day.

This means one can create multiple portfolios of stocks (up to 200) or rank the netire market, or just the SET 50 stocks, or SET 100 stocks over multiple ‘slices of time’.

Hoonthai uses this with a 5, 15,30 and 60 minute time frames for the entire market, and what we look for is short term bursts of volume and % gain to pick day trading stocks and warrants. We find it help concentrate the mind and saves a huge amount of time because it is clear to see what is moving and building in momentum, and from there we can open a chart, analyze a little bit then trade if it looks worth a punt.

It is an amazingly simple tool to use, and with no more than a day or so trying it out, anyone can monitor their watch-lists for momentum plays all day long.

We have used it since TV5 was launched, and can honestly say it is the single most useful and successful tool for a reasonably competent trader to find trading opportunities by themselves available in Thailand.

There is also the very useful feature of being able to create a colour code “cell” for each stock individually, so one can track them by colour as well as ticker symbol over multiple windows (one for each time frame). You can also colour code by sector as well.

We will add examples to this post shortly.

To use this function, contact Trade Vizion





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