If you don’t trade spot GOLD yet, it’s time to start.

We gave a buy call on GOLD in September 2009 to Thai investors, and even if we say so ourselves, it was a damned solid call. One of our best ever. Back then the yellow metal was still under US$ 1000 an ounce, and for those with good memories we said at the time it will hit US$ 1650 within a couple of years.

Few believed us at the time, and even less took the call to action and started to trade it.

Now we have an interesting deal for you. Take a 4 month subscription to Trade Vizion of Gulf Analytics for just US$ 300 and we will offer you US$ 300 free if you open an account with Instaforex (with US$300) through us. Email hoonthai@yahoo.com for details, and  afford yourself the opportunity to trade gold and other metals, forex and CFD’s as well as Thai stocks.

We will even give you our own trade calls for gold for 4 months. We make a lot of $$$ trading gold, and given the madness unfolding in Europe and the USA, it is in our view a must for all sensible investors to do.

Just email us at hoonthai@yahoo.com with GOLD as the subject and we’ll be in touch.


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