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Trade Vizion 5 on the iPad. It’s Amazing

Hoonthai have been given a test of the new Trade Vizion 5 program. It’s a rare event to have anything new when it comes to the analysis of Thai equities, and as readers might have noticed we use Trade Vizion (old version) for the charts in the blog. (To which we express gratitude to the kind folks for the access.)

(Click on the pic for a sharper view.) This is a screenshot from the iPad.

So we tried TV5 out on the iPad and on a Mac, and will post a proper review in the near futures, but just to say, in a sentence, this is an amazing advance for Trade Vizion.

TV 5 on the iPad in particular is so incredibly good, we go as far to say it offers the very best technical analysis charting we have ever seen of any application running on the iPad. By far.

(Click on the pic for a sharper view.)

Charting on the iPad.

It took us about 10 minutes to get used to the touch screen controls for TV5 for the iPad, and that was without reference to the user manual.

Charting on iPad or iphone for that matter tends to be at best basic, but on TV5 the level of functionality is the same as using it on Windows. The clarity of the graphics is amazing, as can be seen on the screenshots taken from the iPad.

We found the user experience beyond expectations, and can not wait for the official release.

As far as we can see, the improvements over the current version of the software which has been around for years are significant.

Here’s a brief list of our observations so far

  1. Charting is significantly improved, seems the graphics are sharper.
  2. The trend lines and drawing tools are much better than before, and on the iPad can all be used with great accuracy, unlike the native apps we have tried.
  3. World market data, FX and commodities is a good addition, and seems to be real-time.
  4. The new ranking windows are really smart. This provides a way to monitor hundreds of stocks over multiple time frames, or ‘time slices’ and from what we can see this function offers analytical possibilities for catching intra day movements in a very easy to monitor graphical format. More on this when we understand its potential better.
  5. The ability to use what was Windows software on the Mac is great. With Mac’s superior screen resolution, we find TV 5 on a single 24 inch iMac is better than on two 22 inch screens on a PC.
  6. This is where its gets really interesting, Flash support. We assume because of the Cloud like architecture used in this multi operating system friendly version of the old Trade Vizion program, the built in web browser on TV5 means you can access and run Flash based web sites etc within TV5. For Hoonthai this means he can update the blog on an iPad, or trade on Settrade, or watch Bloomberg TV all on the iPad, but with better controls so its like being able to use a mouse as well as all the finger swipes and pinches.

It’s a rare occurrence to get anything new in Thailand when it comes to the stock market, and for anyone with an iPad (or Mac) we recommend you try it out because it will change your perceptions as to what can be done on an iPad.

We are not technical experts, but as avid users of technology our experience with TV 5 on the iPad over the past few days has resulted in an eye opening vision of how one can really ditch the laptop and desktop PC for the most part, and be fully functional with just an iPad, Bluetooth keyboard if you write a lot, and 3G data or wifi.

Up until now we felt native iPad apps were too one dimensional in that they were poor substitutes for fully blown PC or Mac based programs. It may have been a step forward in terms of mass distribution and simple download of mobile applications, but it has not and will not for years offer developers the robust features of the computer.

The Cloud approach, or virtualization for that matter means we can in fact use the iPad as a ‘viewer’, a browser to the cloud, where all the hard work is done on servers. This means apps that could not be built for the iPad can work on the device perfectly, which for us means a new lease of life for our iPad, which was often left uncharged and unloved due to affection for the iphone 4.

Trade Vizion 5 on the iPad shows what can be done with a tablet, and on our next trip overseas the notebook will most certainly be left behind.

We gave TV5 a quick blast on an iPhone 4 today. The resolution is superb. Exactly the same controls as with the iPad, but a more in-depth view will have to wait for the markets to open.


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