LH : Some chance of a new multi year high… to 8 or so.

LH has stiff resistance at 7.00-7.10 and again at 7.50. Both levels should be retested shortly, but there is some chance it may manage a spike to 8 or so this time – all it needs are some very strong flows and market maker activity.

Entry at 6.65 or so can still be considered, but if it passes 680 this morning on strong buying, then it will probably hit 7.00-7.10  today or tomorrow.


LH : If 5.30 fails, chances are we’ll see 4.9x again.

LH has rather decent support from 5.30 to 5.40, and under normal circumstances we would say BUY here. The recent low on Feb 7th was 5.20, and as with other blue chips we can rule out an overshoot to the downside, which in this case could be a dip to 5 or slightly lower.

Sad as it is, the nuclear problem in Japan certainly has the ability to panic Thai stocks to levels that should have been safe from a retest just yet.


LH : Key support at 5.6-5.7 today

LH is likely to come back to 5.70 today, possibly 5.60, but if it opens with a gap, we might have a look at 5.60 for a 20-25 satang bounce, albeit not a top priority this morning given selling pressure may be quite a bit heavier than seen for several sessions.

LH has huge resistance at 5.95-6.00, and for today 5.6-5.7 needs to hold to keeo the VST trend looking good.

LH : Buy on the dip

True has come down to 6 or so several times in recent weeks, always to rebound to 10% or so.

This time, if it comes off to 5.90 intra day we will consider a rebound trade, with an initial target at 6.30 and a stop loss at 5.75. We’ll consider a stop at 5.40-5.45.


LH : Buy near 5.5

LH’s day chart point to the beginnings of a decent upwards move. Treat any pullback today to 5.5 or so as an opportunity to buy if not already long.


Land and House (LH) : Wait at support nearer 4.80-4.84

LH has obviously been on the receiving end of some pretty hefty institutional selling of late, and is certainly at risk of falling below key support from about 5.10 to 5.25, with a subsequent pullback to nearer 4.80 or so. A correction to nearer 4.40 is a possibility, but for the next week or so we view 4.80-4.84 as the level to watch, because a rebound trade to 5 or so could easily transpire.