QH : A daily close or two above 2.40 will be a bullish sign

QH posted a healthy reversal on Friday and should test 2.40 in the very near term. We are looking for a volume supported break above 2.40 which should give the stock a decent chance to rally to 2.60 or so, possibly nearer 2.70 in the not too distant future.

Consider entry on a breakout at 2.40-2.42, or in anticipation of such from 2.30 or so.


QH : Still lacking the huge trading flows of old

In our view QH needs a massive increase in volume if it is to fun to trade any time soon. On a longer term basis volume has not been good for over half a year now, and it is the return of big flows that we await.

The stock might come off to the support band which spans from 2.18 to 2.14, but we doubt it will go below here just yet.

Consider entry at 2.16 or so with an initial re bound target at 2.32, then possibly on to 2.46-2.48 if flows pick up to the 400-500m level for a day or two.

QH : Looking better, but plenty of resistance over head

It was QH’s turn for a volume supported breakout Thursday, but compared to past rallies, volume needs to increase a lot if the stock is to rally much above 2.40.

There is a strong first resistance at 2.28 from where the journey to 2.38 should be easier than the effort needed to break through the 2.20-2.28 range.

Consider a punt if not already long from 2.18 or so if it dips a tad on Friday or early next week.



QH : Buy if it dips to 2.06 or so

Like a good number of property stocks Friday was a good day, and QH’s chart looks better than it has for quite a few weeks.

Closing at 2.14, its 100 and 200 day EMA’s stand at 2.16 and 2.19,  and we doubt they’ll be taken out on Monday. Instead we think the stock will come back top 2.05-2.06 or so, possibly a spread higher, and at such prices consider entry, with a swing trade target to 2.24-2.26.  As has been the case for a while, stop out if it heads below 2

QH : Possible dip to 1.91 or so early next week.

The number 2 is QH’s lucky number. A weekly or worse still a monthly close below 2 would not be a good sign, and would place 1.91 then 1.77-1.80 as first and second support.

The counter has been good for a technical rebound trade from 2 or so many times over the past 18 months, but we fear this time luck will desert, and the counter will dip to at best 1.91 early next week.

Obviously there is some chance the market makers will make sure it holds north of 2, so its time to monitor closely for signs of the MM’s intentions.


QH – Heading to 2.20

QH looks as I it will advance to 2.20 shortly. Currently at 2.12, a punt to 2.18-2.20 looks worth the risk to us. Entry at 2.10 or if volume heats up and it breaks above 2.12 on a surge of buying